Xmas In-store POS Promotional Campaign - Big W

>Xmas In-store POS Promotional Campaign – Big W
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Xmas In-Store POS Promotional Campaign – Big W

In 2013, Northwest Packaging supplied Big-W with their entire Xmas In-Store Point of Sale Promotional Campaign materials

Below are some pics of these components Northwest Packaging organised the Design based on Concept Art from the Client

Manufacturing & Production of all the POS components

Printing & Distribution to all Big-W flagship stores Australia-Wide

Nationwide full POS Display sets to flagship stores included —

  • Action Aisle Indicators
  • Aisle Archways — Variable Widths as required
  • Archways for Confectionery Aisles
  • Data Strips
  • Die-Cut Overhead Banners
  • EAS Entry & Exit Security Gate Covers
  • Flex Aisle Indicators
  • Four different size Cubes – Present Boxes
  • Front of store banners
  • Large Christmas Trees
  • Side Panels
  • Small four-way Christmas trees
  • Standard Overhead Banners

Front of store corrugated cardboard printed promotional banners

Store entrance shows variety of corrugated cardboard POS Displays: Overhead Banners; Xmas tree toppers & front EAS security gate covers

Various Corrugated Cardboard Overhead Banners

Promotional Corrugated Cardboard Overhead Arches with die-cut Xmas Tree & Greetings centre cut-outs; Xmas Display Boxes hang in the background

EAS Entry & Exit Security Gate Covers—Sleeves

EAS Security Entry & Exit Covers with Overhead Banners in background

Corrugated Cardboard Xmas Tree Toppers & Xmas Gift Display Boxes

Small Xmas Tree Topper & Xmas Display Boxes

Three different sized hanging display boxes

One side of the print of the Xmas Display boxes

Hanging Xmas Display Boxes — 3 different sizes — Different print on 4 sides

Overhead Banners — Xmas Tree Topper & Side Panels