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Custom made Single wine bottle laydown pack made from corrugated cardboard

Different Drop single bottle laydown pack
Different Drop Open single bottle laydown pack
Different Drop Closed single bottle laydown pack

Die-cut 0427 style flip top opening laydown carry pack designed to carry 1 x standard 750ml wine bottle

Printed in a one colour flexographic reversed out print

Three Bottle Custom Laydown Packs

Custom made die-cut corrugated cardboard laydown pack in a full colour Lithographic print with a gloss finish

3 bottle custom made Commemorative laydown pack closed
Commemorative 3 bottle wine laydown pack upright
Triple bottle custom made printed laydown pack doubling as counter unit

This Commemorative laydown pack also doubled as a counter unit to display the bottles in store

Custom made die-cut 0427 style corrugated cardboard laydown pack with internal partitions to suit 3 x 750ml bottles

Different drop closed 3 bottle laydown pack
Different Drop die cut 3 bottle Lay down open
Different Drop lay down carry pack closed

Printed in a one colour flexographic reversed out print

Custom made die-cut 4 bottle laydown carry pack with plastic handle

4 bottle custom made_laydown pack with plastic carry handle open
4 bottle wine laydown carry pack with handle
4 bottle custom made laydown pack with plastic carry handle open

This laydown pack is printed in a black laminated board with a gloss finish

The internal partitions were designed to withstand bottle breakage that may occur during shipping and handling

This laydown pack holds 4 x 750ml standard wine bottles

Laydown packs are further packed into a brown cardboard shipper for client distribution

Northwest Packaging offers a full packing, fulfillment and distribution service

Die-Cut double white lined Corrugated Cardboard 6 bottle wine laydown pack

6 bottle white laydown pack white open with bottles
6 bottle white laydown carry pack closed
6 pack laydown open with stock
4 white lined 6 pack laydown open without stock

Laydown pack designed to hold 6 x standard 750 ml bottles