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Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
– Shipping & Export Packaging
– Custom Fibre-Board Cartons

Printed Half Slotted Carton goes over protective sleeve and Pallet

Northwest Packaging’s Custom Heavy Duty Packaging Solutions

Buy Heavy-Duty Boxes & Packaging Direct from the Manufacturer & Save
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Delivery Australia Wide (*Conditions Apply)


  • Custom Made Heavy-Duty Cartons in Any Size & Strength
  • Custom Printed Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Corrugated Fibre-Board Carton alternatives to Timber Cases & Crates
  • ISPM15 Export Compliant Heavy-Duty Packaging
  • Variety of Custom Designed Protective Packaging Solutions to Suit

Northwest Packaging Specialises in the Design & Manufacture of Strong Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Boxes & Packaging to Suit Any Size & Shape

Northwest Packaging Custom Manufactures Heavy-Duty Corrugated Fibre-Board Cartons for Shipping & Export, so Your Products are Protected while in Transit

Northwest Packaging Offers Custom Printing of Your Heavy-Duty Boxes & Packaging with Your Logo, Content Specifications & Artwork

Northwest Packaging’s Custom Heavy-Duty Packaging Solutions

Northwest Packaging Designed & Manufactured a Large Variety of Heavy-Duty Boxes & Cartons in Various Sizes & Cardboard Strengths to Protect Products while in Storage, Shipping & Export — All Printed in a Flexographic Print

Client Product on Custom Made Pallet ready to receive Heavy-Duty Protective Cardboard Packaging

Heavy-Duty Cardboard Sleeve slides over Product — Acts as a stacking column for further Heavy-Duty Half Slotted Carton which enables Boxes to be stacked 3 high

Printed Half Slotted Carton goes over Protective Sleeve & Pallet Configuration

Customised Pre-Printed Heavy-Duty Box with extra protective Lid, on Custom Pallet

Complete Customised Pre-Printed Heavy-Duty Box with Lid on custom pallet

Completed Heavy-Duty Protective Packaging Boxes on Pallets, stacked 3 high ready for Transportation & Export

Variation in size of Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Box with same style Flexographic Print

Another variation in size with Heavy-Duty 0427 Style Box to Protect Digital Screens

Completed Variety of Northwest Packaging’s Pre-Printed & Manufactured Heavy-Duty Boxes Stacked in Warehouse ready for Shipping

Heavy-Duty Cardboard Packaging Solutions

Northwest Packaging Specialises in the Manufacture of Purpose-Built, Strong, Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Packaging for a Variety of Applications. We convert a comprehensive range of high performance cardboard board grades into reliable and cost effective, Heavy Duty Cardboard Packaging Solutions suitable for an extensive range of Industries. Whatever you are packing, we ensure your product is well protected.

Selection of Large Sized Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard & Fibreboard Boxes in Various Cardboard Strengths — Providing Protection for a Variety of Freight Sensitive Products — All Printed in a One Colour Flexographic Print — Print includes Safety Icons, Content Specifications & Company Logos

Selection of Medium & Long Sized Heavy Duty Corrugated Cardboard Boxes in Various Cardboard Strengths — Providing Protection for a Variety of Freight Sensitive Products — Printed in One and Two Colour Flexographic Print

Fibre-Board Carton Alternative to Timber Cases and Crates

Northwest Packaging Designs and Manufactures fibre-board alternatives to replace in part or full traditional timber cases and crates. Whether You Require Protection for freight-sensitive products or durability for heavy industrial products, Northwest Packaging has a solution. From furnishings and domestic retail appliances through to heavy mining equipment, no matter how large or small, Northwest Packaging has a proven track record providing packaging protection for them all. We are happy to provide testimonials of previous jobs upon request.

Northwest Packaging Provides Returnable Packaging Solutions

Northwest Packaging is also experienced in returnable Packaging Solutions for any type of processing component. Where a returnable Heavy-Duty Packaging system is required, our designers will provide a solution suitable for both your packaging line and your end use requirements. Northwest Packaging will Design and Manufacture your returnable packaging to be returned by your customers and then re-used as many times as you require. Please Enquire.

Northwest Packaging’s Export Packaging & ISPM15 Compliance

Northwest Packaging has almost 40 years of experience in the provision of Compliant Export Packaging. We use containerization software to maximise container utilization for Your product, thereby saving You money. Northwest Packaging Custom Designed and Manufactured Heavy-Duty Cardboard Box alternatives to the Traditional Timber Crate for one of our Clients. For this Client, we Manufactured 2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre and 6 metre Corrugated Cardboard Boxes & Cardboard Pallet Alternatives for Export. Shown below are photos of the Custom Made 6 metre Cardboard Box & Custom Cardboard Pallet Alternative in our factory prior to Export. If you are interested in Northwest Packaging’s Heavy-Duty Cardboard Packaging Alternatives to Timber Crates to Export Your Product, no matter how large or small or what the length, then Ask Us How We Can Help.

Northwest Packaging’s Custom Made 6 metre Cardboard Box & Cardboard Pallet Alternative to the Timber Crate for Export able to stack 3 layers high

Benefits & Advantages of using Heavy-Duty Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Export

Alternative Considerations for Existing Timber Cases & Crates

  • Cardboard Material used in the Manufacture is Re-Usable & Recyclable in keeping with Local & International Environmental Regulations
  • Cardboard Packaging Reduces WH&S Exposure when Packing for Export
  • Cardboard Packaging is Lighter than Timber Alternatives & Requires No Additional Hardware to Secure the Designs
  • Company Logos, Content Specifications & Other Artwork easily Applied to Northwest Packaging’s Heavy-Duty Cardboard Board Range
  • Ease of Compliance with Government ISPM 15 Regulations — whereas Timber requires many AQIS clearances
  • Flexographic Print available
  • Heavy-Duty Box-Pallet Range Easily Load into Shipping Containers
  • Marketing Advantages by Pre-Printing Your Bulk Export Packaging