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Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard
– Continuous Corrugated Cardboard
– Z-fold

Continuous length of small sized Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard

Northwest Packaging manufactures B-flute Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard

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  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Cost effective
  • Good product cushioning
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Space savings — Transport & Storage
  • Sturdy
  • Various thicknesses available

Northwest Packaging is the Largest Australian Manufacturer & Supplier to the Marketplace of Quality Corrugated Cardboard Fanfold

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard, also known as Z-fold is a Continuous Length of Corrugated Cardboard, with Selected Bend & Score Points to Easily Wrap around Your Product

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard is an Excellent Alternative form of Protective Packaging, Specially Designed for Wrapping Long & Irregular Shaped Products

Our Capabilities

Northwest Packaging manufactures Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard from recycled materials in 3mm thick B Flute in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. By varying the thickness of the paper grammage, we can make either standard fanfold or heavy duty fanfold.

Northwest Packaging’s Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard gives you the option of packing something from half a metre long and up to 250 metres in length. Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard is easier to handle and more cost effective to pack with that loose cardboard sheeting, providing further savings along the supply chain.



Many Australian industries use Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard as an effective alternative form of protective packaging for transporting their products. Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard is best suited for products that require stronger packaging protection when shipped. Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard affords better cushioning to products when in transit than some other types of cover. It is also used to package vertical products that vary in length. If your product is particularly long, then Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard may be a better cardboard packaging solution for you.

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard commonly used to pack

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard best suited for wrapping irregular shaped items
  • Aluminium Extrusion Products
  • Blinds
  • Consumer Goods
  • Doors
  • Electrical Parts
  • Frames
  • Furniture
  • Industrial parts
  • Kitchen Benches & Components
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Medical & Scientific Equipment
  • Metal & Glass Sheeting
  • Plastic Extrusion products
  • Windows

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard Transportation and Storage

250 lineal metres packed on australian pallets
  • Full Australian pallet holds 250 lineal metres
  • Three Australian pallets stacked with 250 lineal metres
  • We Recommend uniform pallet loads for maximum savings

Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard
Our Capabilities

  • Fold: only one fold required to concertina down
  • Length: No limit
  • Max Thickness: 3mm B-Flute
  • Max Width: 1900mm
  • Grammage: Paper thickness to suit
  • Recommended Length: up to 250 lineal metres
  • Scores: Max 8 creases
  • Weight: Std or Heavy Duty


Northwest Packaging can tailor make Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard to any size and thickness you require.

By varying paper grammage we can custom design Fanfold to your required strength. We can also add custom designed scores or creases to the cardboard to suit your product profile. These scores will allow the Fanfold to wrap around your product easily. Lead time for bespoke Fanfold is 10 working days.


Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard is easily stored in a series of long large boxes. To maximise space savings, Northwest Packaging recommends that you store your Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard on a standard Australian pallet. Storing Fanfold on pallets will also save you money when transporting your Fanfold.


Northwest Packaging recommends full pallet loads of 250 lineal metres of Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard per standard Australian pallet. Uniform pallet loads provide economic, space, transportation, and storage savings. A full pallet with 250 lineal metres of Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard can be stacked 3 pallets high maximising semi-trailer transportation as shown in our photo. We deliver Australia wide.* So why not switch to Fanfold Corrugated Cardboard as your packaging solution. (*Free Delivery in store to Sydney Metro, please enquire for delivery costs outside Sydney Metro)