Sense Events Team Building

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Sense Events Team Building

Northwest Packaging was engaged by Sense Events to create over 30 large cardboard cars as part of a team building exercise for a third party Client

Northwest Packaging Designed the cars entirely as a one-piece of cardboard — each piece of corrugated cardboard was able to be easily folded at the scored points and tab locked into the shape of a car — External Dimensions of the cars were approximately 1.2 metres long x 750 wide & 700 high

The one-piece cardboard cars were delivered flat packed. Each team building group consisted of approximately 10 people that were responsible for the assembly of their cars. Each car was easily assembled by interlocking the tab closures built into the car’s design.

Once assembled, each team went on to paint and decorate their cars. Each car was then raced by the participants standing inside and alongside holding onto the car and running to the finish line.

At the conclusion of the race, each respective team dismantled their cars.

Once dismantled, the corrugated cardboard cars were recycled.


  • Cars made from Corrugated Cardboard
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • Easy tab assembly
  • Easily decorated
  • One-piece design
  • Reusable & Recyclable

One-piece corrugated cardboard car back view assembled


Rear view of assembled car shows rear interlocking tab features


Front view of assembled car shows front interlocking tabs

Northwest-Packaging's-one-piece-corrugated-cardboard-car-cut-out-front-side angle-shows scored wheels

Front-side view of assembled car shows scored wheel effect

Northwest-Packaging's-one-piece-corrugated-cardboard-car-cut-out-front-side view-shows-interlocking-tab-closures

Opposite front side view of assembled car shows internal tab closures

Northwest-Packaging's-one-piece-corrugated-1.2metre-long-cardboard-car-cut-out-front-side view-shows-interlocking-tab-closures

Northwest Packaging’s 1.2 metre long one-piece corrugated cardboard car