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Giant Promotional Die-Cut Corrugated Cardboard Knife, Fork & Spoon set

DIMMI Online Restaurant Bookings Service engaged Northwest Packaging to provide Giant sized Cutlery sets for a one-off Promotional event. The Giant Knife, Fork, and Spoons sets were displayed around the venue location.

Northwest Packaging die-cut cutlery sets were each manually made on our plotting table. We used the strongest twin walled corrugated cardboard to make each set. The choice of twin wall cardboard ensured that each knife, fork, and spoon were sturdy and remained straight for the purpose of indoor display. Each knife, fork, and spoon measured over 2 metres high. To achieve a rustic effect, the corrugated cardboard was left plain with exposed corrugated flute along the rim of each utensil.

All the sets were delivered flat packed for ease of use.


  • Assembly free
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • Ease of Use
  • Easily stored
  • Re-usable & Recyclable
  • Sturdy
Giant Promotional Cutlery Set made from corrugated cardboard
Giant Corrugated Cardboard Cutlery  displayed horizontally
Giant Corrugated Cardboard fork, spoon and knife showing flute
Giant Cardboard Cutlery made from Corrugated Cardboard

Various pics of Giant Cutlery Set made from Corrugated Cardboard