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POS & POP Displays – Cardboard Displays – Custom Point of Sale Displays

Selection of POS Displays in Various Styles

Buy Point of Sale (POS) Displays Direct
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Delivery Australia wide (*Conditions Apply)


  • Temporary Displays – Made from Corrugated Cardboard
  • Semi-Permanent Displays – Made from a combination of Cardboard & longer lasting materials
  • Permanent Displays – Made exclusively of longer lasting materials such as Metal, Plastic or Wood

Northwest Packaging Designs, Manufactures & Prints Promotional Point of Sale Displays in a Variety of Styles

Wherever possible Northwest Packaging will suggest a POS Display design with existing tooling to save you money

Northwest Packaging offers Digital, Flexographic & Lithographic Printing options for your POS Display

Our Capabilities

Northwest Packaging Specialises in Custom Made Point of Sale (POS) Displays in a Variety of Styles and Materials.

Northwest Packaging has established a strong and varied portfolio of POS Display products. Most of our POS Display products listed below link to Gallery photos of some of our complete custom work. Also included are photos of POS Display styles with existing tooling that will save you money when ordered. Our Capabilities list is not exhaustive, so if you don’t see something you are after, please ask.

If you do see something you like in our Galleries that would suit your POS Display requirements, please let us know what POS Display product you are interested in when completing our Enquiry Form.


Brochure Holder Counter Displays & Floor Stands
Budget Counter Display Units — Parts Trays
CD & DVD Game Counter Displays
Charity Donation Counter Displays
Counter Displays for Beauty Products
Counter Displays for Digital Products
Counter Displays for Lighting Products
Counter Displays for Medical Devices — Health & Pharmacy Products
Counter Displays for Produce & Coffee Products
Counter Displays for Stationery & Back To School Products
Stackable SRTs — Shelf Ready Trays


Book Counter Display Shippers
Counter Display Shippers for Health Food Bars
Counter Display Shippers — Shelf Ready Packaging
Shelf Ready Cartons
Magazine Counter Display Shippers


Dump Bins for Batteries & Digital Products
Dump Bins for Chocolate Products
Dump Bins for Pharmacy Products
Dump Bins for Stationery & Back to School Products
Rummage Dump Bins for DVDs


Book & Magazine Floor Displays
Cardboard Floor Display Stands
CD, DVD & Video Game Floor Display Stands
Competition Entry & Voting Displays
Free Standing Display Units(FSDUs) for Coffee & Chocolate Products Includes Cardboard Coffee Capsule — Pod Recycling Units
Free Standing Display Units(FSDUs) for Digital Products
Free Standing Display Units(FSDUs) for Health & Pet Related Products
Free Standing Display Units(FSDUs) for Stationery & Toys
Multiple Bay Pallet Displays
Pallet Displays
Quarter Sized Pallet Displays — D-Pallets


Custom Promotional Displays
EAS Entry/Exit Security Gate Covers & Sleeves
Overhead Arches & Banners, Hang Sells & Wall Mounts
Semi-Permanent Displays — Includes Charity Collection Tins
Xmas In-Store Promotional POS Display Campaign — Big W

Other POS Display Materials Northwest Packaging Provides:

  • Data Strips
  • Display Boxes
  • Mini Bulk Ends
  • PDQs
  • Posters
  • Shelf Runners, Shelf Talkers, Shelf Toppers & Wobblers
  • Standees & Cut-Outs
  • Walk-In Pallet Display Cartons