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Semi-Permanent Displays made from Corrugated Cardboard for Exhibitions, Promotional Events & Trade Shows

Die-Cut White Corrugated Cardboard Big Ben Display

Die-Cut Corrugated Cardboard Big Ben Display

Northwest Packaging specialises in the Design & Manufacture of Bespoke high impact, Corrugated Cardboard Displays


  • Cost Effective
  • Custom Designed
  • Easily add components
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Easy Storage & Transport
  • Plain or Printed
  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Sustainable

Northwest Packaging Manufactures Corrugated Cardboard Displays for Promotional & Marketing Events — Product & Event Launches including Custom Exhibits

Corrugated Cardboard Displays are the Preferred Choice for those Requiring Cost Effective, Convenient & Sustainable Display Solutions

Corrugated Cardboard Displays are Further Enhanced by Combining Other Materials & Display Components including Printing & Coloured Coatings


In addition to manufacturing the corrugated cardboard displays, Northwest Packaging offers at an additional cost, a complete fit out service including storage and transport. Northwest Packaging staff will assemble and then disassemble your display on site. At a separate cost, Northwest Packaging can keep your display at our site in short or long term storage for your future use. Or, we can recycle your cardboard displays at your request.



Corrugated Cardboard Displays are a good semi-permanent display option and as a bonus are easily reused. Once reused, corrugated cardboard displays are then recycled with ease.

Additionally, Corrugated Cardboard Displays fold flat, making them easy to transport. Being cardboard, they are lightweight and are quickly installed and dismantled with minimal fuss reducing your bumping in and out costs.

Corrugated Cardboard Displays also have the added benefit of being sturdy while being able to fit comfortably into a multitude of shapes, suitable for a majority of exhibition and display areas.

Giant Promotional Cutlery Set made from corrugated cardboard

Dimmi Promotional Event

Azul Cosmetics Semi-Permanent Exhibition made of various types of Corrugated Cardboard

Azul Cosmetics Exhibit

Customised Corrugated Cardboard Displays for the Australian Olympic Committee

Olympic Committee Spectacular

Mambino Organics exhibition shown inside Exhibition Hall

Mambino Organics Exhibit

Many medieval cities created from corrugated cardboard

Atlassian Big Bash Box Empire


Samsung Healthcare Summit


Sense Events Team Building

Robot Man seated made entirely of corrugated cardboard with slots to hold promotional toys

Novelty Designs & Displays


In addition to providing displays for Exhibition and Trade Shows, Northwest Packaging has long provided corrugated cardboard panels, partitions, props and other cardboard products to Australian Television, Theatre, and Film Production companies.
Northwest Packaging’s innovative designers can make bespoke Props in any shape or size from corrugated cardboard upon request.


Have an idea for a novelty design that you’d like made from corrugated cardboard? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Where there is cardboard, there is no limit to Our imagination

Made Bespoke to your requirements